Creative Upcycled Magazine Craft Projects

You can do something similar with old magazines. Magazines can also be utilised to create some basket. Another creative method to use those magazines is to create this intriguing starburst clock. You’ll want around three magazines to make this one, based on the thickness of the magazines that you’re using. It’s made out of a couple old magazines and it has such a fantastic, unique appearance.

Each strip is going to be folded twice, which means that your weave will wind up a quarter of whatever you start with. Then you set the strips with each other to create whatever design you desire. It’s possible to simply cut thin strips of papers and earn a bow just like you would do with a ribbon.

You merely fold your pages to make your design and cover them with clear contact paper. These are so simple and you may use unique pages with various pictures and designs to find a really distinctive look in a kitchen or bathroom, or any room for this matter. Magazine pages folded into petals will help you produce a bright wreath that’s fantastic for spring. They’re rather simple to make and I really like that they’re created with recycled magazine pages! Further, you might not submit any personally identifiable details about any child below the age of 13.


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